Bright Cellars Review – Get Wine You’ll Actually Like!

Netflix does a great job of recommending shows you like. If you’ve ever had a Netflix account, you know this already. They take the things you’ve been watching, compare them, and use a formula to figure out what else you might like.

It always seems as if Netflix’s recommendations are right on cue. It’s nice to know that someone is looking out for your interests, and it doesn’t take much effort on your part to really figure it out.

Well, Bright Cellars is the same. Rather than recommending the next great rom-com, it’s dishing up the next bottle of Chardonnay. Or whatever it is you like. They use an algorithm that, get this, learns what you like.

That’s right. You take a quiz, you give feedback, and the wines they send you just keep getting better.

What is Bright Cellars?

wine cellars wines


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Yahyn Review – Is It Worth It?

Yahyn Review

Fresh vineyard wine delivered to your home, from delicate white wines to bold reds and celebratory sparkling wine–that’s what Yahyn promises, but does it hold up in a review?

Let’s face it: more customers are curious than ever about wine subscriptions and delivery services, partially because just how much wine culture has had to shift in midst of safety restrictions during a global pandemic. Case in point? Wine tastings. Many labels and local winegrowers are now opting for virtual wine tasting events; take California’s 27 featured virtual wine tastings in Fall 2020.

Of course, popular wine subscription service options like Firstleaf, Bright Cellars, and delivery services like

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Vivino vs Delectable: Which Wine App is For You?

Vivino vs Delectable: Which Wine App is For You?

Main Differences Between Vivino vs Delectable

The main differences between Vivino vs Delectable are:

  • Vivino has the ‘world’s largest’ selection of wine, whereas Delectable focuses on featured wine from around the world
  • Vivino offers wine recommendations based on customer reviews, whereas Delectable also leans heavily on professional reviews
  • Vivino offers mostly quite affordable wine, whereas Delectable has a heavier focus on features

Wine delivery and subscription services have been on the rise for a while now–but it’s the global pandemic that’s truly accelerated the rise of wine apps. Despite fears of how the pandemic would im

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Wine Insiders Review: How Does it Work?

As uncertain as times are, one thing is clear: online wine subscription services like Wine Insiders are booming. From Zoom Happy Hours to Netflix parties, customers have been finding ways to enjoy wine and social events from home.

For some, that means a review of a single delivery, no-obligation services like Drizly, which reported increased sales in not only wine but also beer and hard liquor.

For others longing for a sense of consistency, though, it means turning to wine subscription services and taking time to review names like Wine Insiders. Louis Amoroso, president of Wine Insiders, says the subscription-based service has been enjoying five times the sales compared with a typical period.

With fewer people traveling and nonessential businesses just now opening, it’s understandable curiosity would spike. But the

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The Best Wine at Safeway (& Tips to Buying Wine at the Grocery Store!)

Right now, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, and store closings, Safeway isn’t offering wine pick up or delivery. For now, this article will give you tips on how to shop for wine for grocery stores in general, and some FAQ to keep in mind when circumstances change and you can go back to shopping Safeway.

Safeway is one of the most expansive grocery chains in the United States, with over thirteen hundred stores in the United States and Canada, but many may overlook it when searching for the best wine.

While grocery stores have long sold wine, many associate a trip to Safeway with boxed and bulk wine. In fact, Safeway sells a large

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