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FTC Disclaimer

FULL DISCLOSURE: We earn some money from running this blog.

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We Review

VinoDelVida is stoked to provide you with honest, thoughtful and unbiased reviews of many wine products. We know it’s important for those considering trying a new product to read an unbiased review. Any commission we receive does not affect the integrity of our review. In fact, we sometimes recommend products that make us less money – or now money at all.

We Provide Testimonials

At times, we share testimonials with you. Testimonials are important because they help you understand the benefits of the products through someone else’s eyes. We only provide these for products in which we have full confidence. If you decide to partake of these benefits, we will receive a small commission.

We Do Have Affiliate Links

You may have noticed on our website that we sometimes have links to other sites that sell products. Again, we only link to those products in which we have faith. When we receive a commission from an affiliate site, it helps us defray costs. Actually, we may be able to give you savings on these products by providing coupons and special deals.

We Sometimes Make Endorsements

We do not endorse products lightly. Through research and our own personal experience, we select only products we are comfortable endorsing and frequently test products before publishing opinions (budget permitting).

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