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The Best Wine to Pair with Oysters

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, oysters conjure up images of summer decadence. Smooth sailing with glistening plates of freshly shucked oysters-on-the-half-shell and crisp glasses of bubbling champagne. But which wines actually pair best?

A Quick Look at Pairing Wine with Oysters

  • Raw Oysters pair best with Sparkling White Wines
  • Cooked Oysters pair best with Crisp White Wines
  • Smoked or Fried Oysters pair best with Heavier White Wines or Scotch

About Oysters

Humans have been eating oysters for thousands of years. (Though they do beg the question, “who was the first person brave enough to eat that?”) Australians found some discarded oyster shells that date back ten thousand years!

These bivalv

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The Best Under Counter Wine Cooler Options

Whether you’re an avid collector, or you just want a convenient place to keep your wine in the kitchen, then an under your counter wine cooler is a great option. These units are sleek and stylish, and tucking them out of the way under a counter makes them unobtrusive, but always there when you need them.

Built-in wine coolers are just like they sound. They are built into your existing cabinets in a bar or kitchen. They offer a streamlined look, rather than placing a bulky stand-alone unit on top or to the side of the counter.

You can replace an extra dishwasher in the basement kitchen, an old trash compactor, or rip out some extra cabinets simply to put in something more modern.

The wine cooler market is pretty crowded, but these options are some of the best, so I’ll review what I like best about them and include different types and sizes, so hopefully, everyone can find one that will work for them.

Buying Built-In Wine Coolers

The same benefits of buying a buil

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