California Wine Club vs Winc – Which is Best?

I love wine clubs. I can shop for wine in my pajamas and enjoy all of my favorites without leaving the house. I’ve tried dozens of wine clubs. Some were fantastic and others were overpriced. California Wine Club and Winc are two of the most popular wine clubs out there, so they’re obvious choices for a healthy comparison. They have their pros and cons, and I really liked them both, but neither was my favorite. However, if you’ve narrowed it down to these top two choices, here’s some more information to help you decide.

Main Differences Between California Wine Club vs Winc

The main differences between California Wine Club vs Winc are:
  • California Wine Club charges a hefty shipping fee, whereas Winc offers free shipping.
  • Winc automatically learns what you like over time using the online portal, whereas California Wine Club manually takes your feedback and adjusts your subscription preferences.
  • California Wine Club ships to all but

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The Best Wine at Safeway (& Tips to Buying Wine at the Grocery Store!)

Right now, due to the outbreak of Covid-19, and store closings, Safeway isn’t offering wine pick up or delivery. For now, this article will give you tips on how to shop for wine for grocery stores in general, and some FAQ to keep in mind when circumstances change and you can go back to shopping Safeway. Safeway is one of the most expansive grocery chains in the United States, with over thirteen hundred stores in the United States and Canada, but many may overlook it when searching for the best wine. While grocery stores have long sold wine, many associate a trip to Safeway with boxed and bulk wine. In fact, Safeway sells a large

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The Best Vinho Verde Varieties To Try in 2020

Despite claiming to be a wine enthusiast, I honestly don’t know as much about Vinho Verde as I do about a lot of other types of wine. We’re heading into learning about this one together! Vinho Verde is an interesting one, and I’m excited to share some of what I know with you. One of the most notable things about Vinho Verde that everyone should know is that it’s shockingly affordable. You can get most bottles around $5 or $10. Don’t be misled by the fact that they replaced the cork with a screw cap. It’s one of the best wines you’ll try. vinho verde


Vinho Verde is not a grape. It’s not a blend, either. It’s an entire region in the north of242 Portugal, home to rolling green hills, family farms, and a lot of wine. Origin stories behind the Vinho Verde name vary. Some say it’s named for the green b

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