The Best Vinho Verde Varieties To Try in 2021

Despite claiming to be a wine enthusiast, I honestly don’t know as much about Vinho Verde as I do about a lot of other types of wine. We’re heading into learning about this one together! Vinho Verde is an interesting one, and I’m excited to share some of what I know with you. One of the most notable things about Vinho Verde that everyone should know is that it’s shockingly affordable. You can get most bottles around $5 or $10. Don’t be misled by the fact that they replaced the cork with a screw cap. It’s one of the best wines you’ll try. vinho verde


Vinho Verde is not a grape. It’s not a blend, either. It’s an entire region in the north of242 Portugal, home to rolling green hills, family farms, and a lot of wine. Origin stories behind the Vinho Verde name vary. Some say it’s named for the green b

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