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Best Wall Wine Racks with Glass Holders

Best Wall Wine Racks with Glass Holders

If you have a home bar or are hoping to set one up with limited space, a wall wine rack with glass holders is the perfect solution. It gives you the storage you need at a reasonable price, and it looks classy. 

There are plenty of reasons why you should hang a wall wine rack, and there are a lot of options out there. However, the options that make it the easiest for you to have a glass are the racks that have glass storage, too.

Our Favorite
Del Hutson Designs Wine Racks

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Best for Side Storage
Rustic State Wall Mounted Wine Rack

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03/09/2024 01:18 pm GMT

Why Hang a Wall Wine Rack?

There are plenty of reasons for hanging a wall wine rack. If you’re on the fence about getting one, you’ll be convinced by the time we’re done here.

Extra storage

Whether you’re short on storage space or you need a little bit extra, a wall wine rack will help you display a few extra bottles where they’re most convenient. You can put them next to your bar or wine cooler, or you can put them in the kitchen so you can grab them easier and get them off of the counter.

You can even hang more than one of them in tandem to give you more storage space if you need it. No matter where you put them or how many you use, you’ll find that this little bit of extra storage will be just what you needed. 

wine racks america

Display your collection

Wall wine racks are a great way to display your collection. If you have a few bottles you’re particularly proud of, it would be a shame to keep them hidden away. Instead, you can put them on a hanging rack for everyone to see.

The best way to do this is to hang your wall wine rack in a high-traffic area like the dining room or the kitchen. You can put your favorite bottles in it, but also throw in a few that you can grab to drink while you have company, so that it’s functional, too. Check out these bottle decanters that you can display and add to your collection. 

Works of art

Wall wine racks can truly be works of art. Not only do they display your bottles, but they display them in an attractive way. Rather than hanging wall art or a picture, use your wall space to hang a wall wine rack.

It’s functional and beautiful, especially when you don’t have room for a bar in your kitchen or dining room. It’s the perfect way to ensure that you always have access to your favorites when you have company.

Easy to maintain

Wall-mounted wine racks are easy to maintain because they’re always within reach. Most are made of polished wood or metal, and the bottles contained within them are easy to wipe down when they get dusty.

Conversation pieces

To fellow enthusiasts, your wine will always be visible, which means you will always have an excuse to talk about it. There’s practically nothing better than this. Even if you don’t touch it the entire time your friends are there, knowing it’s there is almost like having a security blanket.

Buying Options

There are some solid buying options on the market of all different sizes, styles, and materials. Here are some favorites from which you can choose if you’re thinking about installing one in your home.

Rustic State Wall Mounted Wood Wine Rack

rustic state mounted wine rack

This wine rack by Rustic State is made of wood and secures to the wall via metal brackets. It has storage for 5 bottles and 15 glasses. The bottles lay on their sides properly to prevent the corks from drying out, so you can use this method of storage for longer than you would something that keeps them upright.

The combination of wood and metal is a popular choice to give your bar an elegant but rustic look while still keeping it modern. These come with all of the hardware you need to install them, including a level, so it’s easy to get it mounted in just a few steps. They’re also not heavy, so you should be able to do it on your own without any help.

You can choose from a natural or a walnut wood stain. While the natural look a bit unfinished, the walnut truly does look rustic and beautiful.

There have been some reports of quality control issues where the product ships with the holes drilled in the wrong place. This causes the holes on the shelf to line up incorrectly with the holes on the brackets.

However, if you have a drill at home, you can drill new holes to fix the problem in just a few seconds. Proper mounting will ensure that your shelf is sturdy and will hold all of your bottles without falling.


  • Comes with everything you need to get it mounted
  • Two colors to choose from
  • Holds 5 bottles and 15 glasses
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Elegant, rustic design


  • Holes may not line up correctly
  • Some glasses may not fit, depending on the shape

Sorbus Arched Wine Rack

Wine rack

The Sorbus arched wine rack is an interesting diversion from your typical wine rack with glass holders. It holds 7 inverted bottles in the shape of an arch, keeping the corks from drying out, but giving you an elegant piece of art as well.

In fact, many users report that they love using this wine rack as a focal point in their room. They display empty wine bottles in it simply because they love the way it looks and they don’t ever want to take the bottles out!

It features classic scroll accents behind the bottles, giving it just a bit of extra flair, and it’s lightweight. Made of metal, it features a rich black finish and will fit in with many different types of home decor.

The design is easy to wipe clean and easy to mount because it comes with all of the hardware you need. Plus, because it’s so lightweight, you shouldn’t need any help.

You can do it all yourself. The nice thing about this wine rack is that, while it holds up to 5 glasses at the bottom, it also has a shelf for your stemless wine glasses, coasters, wine opener, or any other bar accessories you’d like to keep handy.

The unfortunate thing about this design is that it only holds standard-sized bottles. The rings aren’t large enough to accommodate larger or unusually shaped bottles. It also may not be the most sturdy wine rack available, so be aware that if you don’t mount it to studs, it may not be able to hold 7 full bottles of wine.


  • Lightweight and easy to mount
  • Shelf for additional storage of bar accessories
  • Sturdy and easy to clean
  • Affordable


  • Only holds standard-sized bottles
  • Not very sturdy

Del Hutson Designs Handmade Wine Racks

Wine rack 1

Del Hutson Designs makes all of their wine racks by hand in Texas. They make gorgeous shelves with glass holders underneath and each shelf is inspired by rich wood tones. While they seem pricey, they come in sets of two, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth when ordering.

These shelves fit in with all types of decor and work great in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, or bars. They’re made of pine and stained either a walnut or dark walnut of your choice. You may also choose to paint them gray. You can also add up your recycled wine bottles to accentuate your shelves and use these wine bottle cutter in shaping its design.

They include pre-drilled holes for hanging and include all the hardware you need, but be aware that because they’re made of solid wood, they can be heavy and you may either need help hanging them or you may need to find studs to hang them so they’ll support more weight.

The variety from which you can choose when ordering from Del Hutson Designs is pretty outstanding. Not only can you choose from a variety of colors, but they also offer each in three different lengths.

You can get your shelves in 20, 24, or 36 inches, and each comes with an increasing amount of storage space for your glasses. However, it’s important to note that the top of the shelves does not have grooves for holding bottles.

If you plan to store your bottles on these shelves, you’ll simply have to store them upright, which some people don’t like. The shelves are also great for other bar accessories and decor items.

One problem with these shelves that seems to be pretty widespread is that the company doesn’t seem to let their varnish dry fully before boxing and shipping the items. The glass holder sizes also seem to be inconsistent from one slot to the next. However, shipping is prompt, and often ahead of schedule.


  • Gorgeous rustic designs
  • Many colors and sizes to choose from
  • Comes in a set of two shelves
  • Handmade rather than mass-produced
  • Plenty of room to store bottles, glasses, and accessories


  • Varnish tends to ship wet
  • Glass holder sizes are inconsistent
  • No room for inverted bottles

Industrial Pipe Shelf Wine Rack

industrial wine rack

For some, the industrial look is appealing, and this industrial pipe shelf wine rack is really cool. The shelves are even distressed to give it a more vintage look. They’re made of real pine wood.

It’s easy to assemble and comes with instructions, but due to the industrial pipes, it’s very heavy and will require two people. You can order a 24-inch rack or a 36-inch rack, giving you two great options for wine and glass storage. Each has space on the bottom to hang your glasses upside down as well.

Both include three shelves, with variations in spacing, which gives you plenty of room to store bottles, glasses, and accessories. You are somewhat restricted on what you put on the shelves simply because you can’t change the standard spacing.

This shelf looks great in any room you want to make it a focal point. It’s functional and whimsical, so you and your friends will have something to talk about while enjoying the contents of the shelving at the same time.

Because the shelf is so heavy, you may want to consider mounting it to your studs. If you don’t, you’ll want to use sturdy drywall anchors to make sure your shelf is secure and won’t fall. While the package comes with the mounting hardware you need, the drywall anchors included are very lightweight and not sturdy enough. It’s better to switch them out for something more durable.


  • Two size options for plenty of storage space
  • Easy to put together
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Great industrial and vintage design


  • Shelf spacing is not adjustable
  • Need to replace the included drywall anchors with something more sturdy

Mkono Floating Wine Rack

mkono wine rack

If you’re looking for something a bit brighter, softer, and more elegant, the Mkono floating wine racks might be a great option. They’re modern and beautiful, offering you an infinite number of ways to mount and store your wine, glasses, and bar accessories.

It comes in a set of two, so you can line them up for a seamless look or stagger them if you’re one of those asymmetrical people. The contrast of the white shelf with the gold hardware is simply stunning.

These shelves will add luxurious style to your living room, dining room, or kitchen. They’re lightweight but sturdy. They hang beautifully under your modern art and you can dress them up with a potted plant, too.

The shelves offer space to hang your glasses underneath while setting your wine bottles upright on top. While you can’t invert your bottles, the shelves are small and will only hold the bottles you want to drink right away.

If you have a small space, like an apartment, and you’ve been searching for the perfect space-saving solution for your wine and wine glasses, this is it. These shelves are compact and make a perfect place to store everything up and out of the way, giving you your limited counter space back.


  • Modern, luxurious design
  • Great space-saving solution
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t hold inverted bottles
  • Mounting holes may not line up quite right

Sorbus Industrial Wine Rack

sorbus wine rack

The Sorbus industrial wine rack has a 2-tiered shelving solution for all of your wine bottles, stemware, mugs, and accessories, plus a place to hang your glasses underneath. You can display home decor, plants, or anything else you need to keep handy in your floating bar.

While it’s labeled as an industrial wine rack, I’d call its design a more modern classic. I think it’s clean and simple. It would fit in with almost any decor without distracting from what’s currently in the room.

It’s easy to clean and easy to install. Instructions and mounting hardware are included and it’s lightweight enough that you can do it yourself.

It fits up to 10 hanging glasses or 15 champagne flutes and can accommodate up to 12 standard-sized wine bottles. If you prefer larger bottles, it will hold less.

While many people purchase their wine racks to add to their decor, this piece is very understated. It’s the perfect solution to blend into the background if you simply want something to hold your items without overpowering the room.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Simple, classic design


  • May need to replace included drywall anchors with something more sturdy

JJDPARTS Metal Wine Rack

jjdparts wine rack

To display those special bottles of wine, the JJDPARTS metal wine rack is perfect. It’s made of sturdy metal, but lightweight and easy to install. It comes in a set of two. Each rack holds one bottle on its side and three wine glasses.

It’s perfect for a romantic dinner date or an intimate get-together with close friends. If you want to keep a bottle or two close for that special party, this is the perfect solution. It will only hold one bottle, so it won’t detract from that one matchless varietal. Buying wine purifiers and wine chillers will also make you enjoy your wine nights with your friends so you might want to check those out. 

It’s also the best wine rack for you if you have a special bottle you always want to keep on display. Whether it’s a rare wine or a favorite collector’s bottle, these racks will make sure it’s the focal point rather than getting lost in the shuffle of a larger wine rack. 

While they’re great space-saving options, they’re also too small for those who want to display several bottles or a lot of accessories. One of the great things about these wine racks is that they’re simple and elegant. They don’t distract from what’s displayed on them. You can hang them together or separately, and they’ll be just as breathtaking either way.

The company also offers great customer service, so if you have problems with your wine racks, reach out and they’ll respond right away to resolve the issue.


  • Simple, elegant design
  • Space-saving solution
  • Perfect for intimate get-togethers or highlighting special bottles
  • Set of 2 is great in tandem or separate
  • Affordable


  • Not ideal for large collections


Question: How do you hang a heavy wine rack on the wall?

Answer: Whether the wine rack itself is heavy or not, once you put bottles and glasses on it, it will be. It’s important to hang your wine rack in a way that will support a lot of weight. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself with a pretty big mess.

If you’re considering purchasing a wall wine rack, don’t be discouraged by the hanging process. Just make sure you hang it right the first time!

You first need to make sure that you have heavy-duty drywall anchors. Typically, the drywall anchors that come with these wine racks are made of flimsy plastic. While many drywall anchors are made of plastic, you can get thicker, sturdier options at the hardware store. You can also get other materials.

Drill holes into the wall at the appropriate spacing and insert your drywall anchors. Then mount your wine rack. These drywall anchors will secure your wine rack so it won’t fall and are particularly handy when you can’t mount it on the studs.

Question: Where do you hang a wine rack?

Answer: You can hang your wine rack wherever you want, but you need to keep a couple of things in mind. You need to keep your wine where it won’t age prematurely. Your wines need to be stored on their sides in a cool place if you’re storing them for a long period of time. 

If you’re storing them for less than a year (maybe two), it’s fine to keep them upright in a warmer spot. It depends on the wine and the conditions. You’ll have to experiment with it to figure out what works for the wines you drink.

This will tell you what kind of wine rack you need and where to put it. If you drink wine often and you don’t ever keep a bottle around very long, you don’t need a rack that holds inverted bottles.

However, if you have several bottles that you want to keep around for a while, or if you cycle through your bottles slowly, you’ll want your wine rack to store your bottles inverted and you’ll want to keep it in a cooler place, like the basement or a closet.

Question: Should a wine rack be tilted?

Answer: Again, how often you drink wine and what kind of wine you drink will tell you whether you need to purchase a wine rack that stores your bottles tilted or not.

If your corks dry out, it allows air to seep into the bottle, which causes your wine to prematurely age. Once you open your wine bottles, this wine accessory could help in preserving the natural taste of your wines.

Question: Should screw-top wine be stored on its side?

Answer: Screw tops don’t let air in, so they don’t need to be stored on their sides. However, they can be. And because they provide a tight seal even after they’re opened, you can store them on their sides at any time.


My personal favorite is the Del Hutson Designs set of 2 handmade wine racks. I prefer something that’s unique rather than something manufactured. I appreciate that every piece is unique and no two are alike.

However, if you need to store your wine on its side, the best option is the Rustic State wall-mounted wine rack. Its excellent quality and premium design make it superior to the others.

The most important thing is to evaluate what you want to display and how it needs to be stored. Consider how many bottles you’d like on your rack and whether you want them to be stored horizontally or vertically.

Then determine what shelf style you like and go from there. There are plenty of options to choose from and sometimes the best part of finding a new wall wine rack is the shopping!

Our Favorite
Del Hutson Designs Wine Racks

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Best for Side Storage
Rustic State Wall Mounted Wine Rack

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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/09/2024 01:18 pm GMT


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