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Apothic Rosé Wine Review: Rosé All Day!

Apothic Rosé Wine Review: Rosé All Day!


Apothic Wines have been part of California’s wine scene for less than 10 years, but since its 2010 debut, Apothic has managed to make a name for itself. The company’s winemaker makes it her mission to use only the finest California grapes to craft different wines that are each more unique than the last and that of course goes for Apothic Rosé wine as well.

Although Apothic began with a rich red and snowballed from there into a band that wine connoisseurs would come all over in search of, the Rosé has a reputation of its own, but don’t get it mixed up with Apothic’s signature Crush, which is a hint lighter than red and has helped the brand continue to feed its reputation of taste, quality, and unique flavor with each new unique wine blend.

Not to be outdone by other similar California wines, Apothic also offers reds, whites, and specific dark wines, but rosé might be one of the more popular options. Apothic Rosé has the standard light pink color, but obvious notes of light and refreshing fruits, like watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries. This comes as no surprise, though, given the Apothic method for making wine overall.

The brand seeks to use a simple combination of the right grapes and fruits to obtain refreshing blends that make for wines that people come to know as Apothic. This one in particular, though as light as any other rosé, has an almost dark and rich flavor, which sets it apart from a lot of other rosé options from other wine brands.

Apothic’s Undeniable Success

It might seem like it doesn’t take much more than a simple business model and complex flavor to make a wine brand rise in popularity and sales. But it is perhaps because of California wine magnates Ernest and Julio Gallo that Apothic found such fast success.

The E & J Gallo Winery is the largest California wine exporter and when they took it upon themselves to align with Apothic, it was a fruitful partnership all around.

To give you an idea of the wine brands that the E & J Gallo Winery take on, the company gained ownership of the ever-popular Barefoot Wine in 2005. The winery also owns Dark Horse brand wines and the idea is to give customers the right blend of flavor and value.

Such is the case with Apothic Rosé, which typically goes for $9.99 per bottle. Other Apothic Wines can be found for as little as $7.00 and for a brand that is owned by the top distributor in California, that is a value you can’t really ignore.

But even if $9.99 per bottle is too steep for your taste, the taste of Apothic Rosé is truly where it’s at. Most rosé wines have a fruity but relatively dry taste to them.

Apothic Rosé has clear notes of fruit that make it feel like every bottle was freshly made. Apothic Rosé also has a rich flavor that is anything but subtle. Maybe for some wine lovers, the ise with choosing a rosé stems from the desire to want a dryer, more mild taste, but the boldness of Apothic Rosé works and makes it a style on its own.

Get To Know All Of The Apothic Wine Blends

Rosé isn’t the only rich and refreshing wine offered by Apothic. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find an option from the brand that you didn’t immediately take a liking to. Maybe you’re one of those people who don’t have much of preference and barely know your reds from your darks, but Apothic has so many distinct flavors, that after trying a few blends out, you might become a junior wine connoisseur yourself.

There is the ever unique Apothic Brew, which blends red wine and cold brew coffee to create a distinct flavor that is 100% Apothic. The first note you’ll probably recognize is that of coffee, but there are also strong aromas of different red fruits and, of course, toasted oak. This makes for a more complicated flavor than the Apothic Rosé, but it just proves how unafraid Apothic is to go there.

Apothic also has a deep dark red in the form of Apothic Inferno. After the dark red wine has aged in whiskey barrels for 60 days, the resulting flavor is that of a combination of maple, red and dark fruits, and vanilla and charred spice. Don’t let the name of the wine lead you into thinking that there is any real heat, but the spices are hard to ignore.

It is not to be confused with the Apothic Dark, however. Where it is easy to tell this one apart from the Apothic Rosé, which is might lighter in taste, however bold it might sometimes feel, Apothic Dark blends blueberries and blackberries with coffee and dark chocolate to create a deep blend of its own. The coffee gives off hints that might remind you of the Apothic Brew, but they are less intense with this one.

Of course, Apothic is also home to traditional whites and reds as well. The Apothic White had strong floral flavors blended with peach and apricot to give you a totally refreshing light wine you would expect from a white. And the Apothic Red features a smooth but bold blend of dark cherries, valinna, and chocolate to finish it off. The Apothic Crush is another signature blend from the brand that mixes together red fruit, caramel, and chocolate, making it not quite a dark red, but also not light enough to be close to the popular Apothic Rosé.

It all depends on your specific tastes since all Apothic Wines are so unique in their own ways. Because of the one of a kind blends that each bottle offers, they are easiest to tell apart by taste, but if light and refreshing are your go-to and you’re so over all white wines, then the Apothic Rosé is the perfect option. You can find it on and The Barrel Room as well as some Target locations.

More Rosé Blends

Apothic has a strong rosé that is a good choice for anyone looking for one and it’s a great jumping-off point if you want bold flavors. Obviously, some people just love rosé. Whether it is Apothic Rosé or an option from another top tier brand, rosé tends to be a favorite among those who don’t prefer anything too dark or too light.

It might not be an exact combination of both standard wine options, but it can be a happy medium for some people. The flavor of Apothic Rosé is strong enough to set it apart from some other rosé options while being fruity enough to stay true to the rosé standard, but chances are, you are going to want to weigh all of your options. When you compare Apothic Rosé to other similar rosé wines, it’s easy to see how it sets itself apart, but some other rosé blends are worth noting.

1. Bottle & Price: Graci Etna Rosato 2018, $19

  • Grapes: Nerello Mascalese, a dark-skinned grape typically found in Sicily.
  • Characteristics: It has hints of sweet cherry flavor, along with bold tobacco and sweet spice, which sets it apart from some other sweeter rosé wines.

2. Bottle & Price: Château La Rame Bordeaux 2018, $14

  • Grapes: It’s made from a Bordeaux Blend, which is the most common variety of wine grapes that are usually reserved for reds.
  • Characteristics: This rosé is crisp and refreshing while maintaining bold flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and even peach.

3. Bottle & Price: Beckmen Vineyards Grenache Rosé 2018, $20

  • Grapes: Grenache, a red wine grape found in France, Spain, Australia, and the United States.
  • Characteristics: It’s a much bolder rosé, with combined flavors of jasmine and strawberries, with underlying notes of melon and orange blossom.

4. Bottle & Price: Inman Family Wines OGV Endless Crush Rosé, $38

  • Grapes: It has Pinot Noir red wine grapes, which typically maintain notes of cherries and strawberries.
  • Characteristics: This one has a higher acidity and milder sweet flavor than other rosé wines, with guava, strawberry, and watermelon flavors throughout.

5. Bottle & Price: Tormaresca Calafuria Negroamaro Rosato 2018, $13

  • Grapes: Negroamaro, a dark-skinned grape variety from southern Italy.
  • Characteristics: It has standard fruity flavors like guava and watermelon, though with this one, there are also distinct notes of mint and subtle tart grapefruit and green apples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Apothic red so popular?

One of the most popular Apothic wines is their red option. This bottle is not only very approachable, but it also offers a great flavor and tasty experience. It might not be the best choice to save in your cellar for the future, but a safe option to enjoy a good glass of wine.

Is Apothic rose dry?

As you might already see in this article, the Apothic Rosé wine doesn’t have a strong sweet and sticky character, but more of a light sweet-strawberry like flavor that comes very refreshing to the palate.

Is Rose sweeter than white wine?

We cannot say that Rose is sweeter than white wine. It all depends on the bottle. Rosé is a mix of white and red wine grapes, but it is usually chosen along with white wine by new wine drinkers. They are usually light-bodied and with a refreshing and fruity character.


As subjective as wine tasting is, some wine lovers will tell you that rosé is the best wine of all. It takes the best of white and the strongest most important notes of red and makes for a lighter wine with a rich flavor that is sometimes even more bold than usual.

Rosé wines can range from a deeper dark pink to a light red or even a pale pink color. All of these are immediate identifying factors in a standard rosé, but the Apothic Rosé has the flavor you just can’t compare to other brands. It has the strong fruity tones you expect from a good rosé, along with bold undertones that make it an even better pairing with some foods than other rosé wines might be.

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