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Cupcake Wine Review: Will You Be Sweet on This Wine?

Cupcake Wine Review: Will You Be Sweet on This Wine?


Cupcake Wines is one of those wine brands you see at the liquor store, grocery store, and even online and immediately recognize. Maybe at first, it is about the adorable label that features a cupcake, but eventually, after you have tried all of the different variations from the brand, recognizing the label comes from looking for it to try another kind that is available. But this Cupcake Wine review should help you figure out which wine under the brand is best for you to try out.

But be warned — there are plenty of options, so choosing just one favorite from Cupcake Wines isn’t going to be easy. The good news, however, is that regardless of your personal preference of white, red, or something in between, Cupcakes Wines has something for you because of the care that has been put into creating the different wine options.

Cupcake Vineyards is known for making sweet wines that appeal to all kinds of tastes and part of that likely stems from the fact that the primary winemaker of the brand hand chooses which grapes are used for which new wines are produced. According to the Cupcake Vineyards website, the company’s winemaker, Jessica Tomei, works alongside vineyard growers to ensure that the resulting product is made from the best ingredients possible.

“It brings me such joy to create wines that so many people enjoy around the world,” Tomei said on the website. “With Cupcake, I strive to create wines that are delicious and approachable, while still representing a sense of place.”

The idea is to create unique, rich, and refreshing wines in a variety of options that appeal to all kinds of tastes.

Cupcake Wines’ Success

cupcake wine

The success of Cupcake Wines comes from more than just a clever label and a couple of sweet wines that wine connoisseurs take to. The business model behind Cupcake Wines involves creating a wine that Americans can relate to and understand a little better than a complicated or costly wine.

Overall, Cupcake Wines are easy to find and affordable to buy for almost anyone. But it’s also different from typical wine brands in the overall sweetness that sometimes lends itself as a dessert itself. So while you can successfully pair some of the sweeter Cupcake Wines with desserts, some of the wines are sweet enough with authentic sugary or buttery flavor.

Take the California Black Forest Red, for example. It has some flavor of coffee, but the more dominant notes are from blackberries, cherries, and pomegranates. Even though it is far from a white which is typically sweeter, this one can be easily paired with chocolate or feel just as natural when paired with red meat.

The California Merlot is also surprisingly fruity, with berry aromas and raspberry and cherry flavors with notes of cocoa as well. It’s not completely uncommon for red wines to have fruity undertones or even some strong flavors that are more obvious, but Cupcake Wines make those flavors even more noticeable. You can find bottles of Cupcake Wine for as little as $6.99 and you can buy it on Amazon Fresh or in-store at Walmart or even regional supermarkets.

Get To Know All Cupcake Wines Blends

To know the Cupcake Wines brand is to understand that there are seemingly endless options. If you need a rosé, then you can find one from this particular brand. Or, if your tastes are closer to a red or a white, then chances are, one of those options from Cupcake Wines will speak to your palette.

Cupcake Wines even has a new canned wine that might be more your style for a classy barbecue or get together when glasses of wine just won’t cut it. Because the brand is targeted toward a younger generation of millennial wine drinkers, who are of age, of course, the Cupcake Wine cans make for a totally unique wine tasting and drinking experience.

The cans come in two options. You can either go with a California Rosé, which has crisp flavors of strawberry, watermelon, and nectarine. It makes for a silky and refreshing taste. The other option is the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a crisp white wine. It has a lemon, grapefruit, and other citrus flavors that you would expect, but make for an even lighter Sauvignon Blanc than you might be used to.


If reds are your thing, you could go with one of the Cupcake Wines’ many red wines too. Like the Central Coast Petite Sirah, which has strong notes of blackberry, vanilla bean, and dark cherry. Because the grapes for this wine come from a cool climate, they make for a rich and full-bodied flavor.

The Mendoza Malbec is another rich red that has clear flavors of raspberry and blackberry. But thanks to the vanilla and spice added to the mix, this red is a more well-rounded version. The Central Coast Pinot Noir is also a favorite, and not just for those who already love Pinot Noir in general. This one has notes of cherries and strawberries, but also some spice, which makes it a fine option for either your main course or dessert.

One of the Cupcake Wine whites that sets it apart from other similar brands in the California Butterkissed Chardonnay. The grapes come from California vineyards and make for citrus and creamy wine with tones of citrus, vanilla, and white peach. Another white wine staple from Cupcake Wine is the California Angel Food.

This one is miraculously similar to actual angel food cake. It has strong notes of vanilla bean, apple, and toasted coconut, which make the wine similar to the popular dessert. Another white that can’t be beaten is the Pfalz Riesling. It has light citrus flavors like lemon, along with white cherries and honeydew, to make an all-around light and refreshing wine option.

The two rosé options offered by Cupcake Wine are the Italy Sparkling Rosé and California Rosé. The latter is made with slowly ripened grapes to give it a refreshing finish and nectarines, watermelon, and strawberry flavors. The Sparking Rosé has more floral tones, with added strawberry and raspberry flavors.

More Sweet Wine Blends

For some people, sweet wines aren’t the way to go. But any way you look at it, most wines do have some hint of sweetness thanks to the different grapes and fruits incorporated in the making of them. When you look at Cupcake Wines, however, it’s not so easy to find comparable sweet wine brands. But there are some wines that are sweet enough and one of a kind enough to be considered comparable options. This way, you can truly compare the value in Cupcake Wiens to that of other similar wines out there.

Ice Wine

  • Grapes: This wine is typically made from Riesling and Grüner Veltliner grapes that come from climates where they are likely to have frozen first.
  • Characteristics: Ice Wine is naturally extra sweet thanks to the way the frozen grapes are pressed to have sugar come out and sweeten each bottle. It usually has a thick, honey-like sweetness to it, along with some fruity undertones.

Rutherglen Muscat

  • Grapes: It’s made from late-season Moscato grapes that are harvested late so that the sweetness is more concentrated toward the end of the harvest for creating the wine.
  • Characteristics: Although this one has tones of hazelnut and coffee, it also has fruity strawberry flavors that overshadow anything else and keep the wine as sweet tasting as possible.

Lillet Servir Tres Frais Blanc

  • Grapes: Interestingly enough, this wine is made from Semillon grapes and orange peels from Spain and Haiti.
  • Characteristics: It has a fruity and flowery aroma and notes of both citrus and honey, although it can taste a little bitter from time to time.

Manischewitz Cream Peach

  • Grapes: The grapes for this sweet wine primarily come from Concord grapes.
  • Characteristics: The wine has the strong aroma and taste of the Concord grapes, along with a sweet but not overly sweet flavor.

Dubonnet Rouge Aperitif

  • Grapes: It’s made with Merlot grapes, which make sense, as it is indeed a red sweet wine.
  • Characteristics: There are some flavors of toffee and chocolate, but also lemon zest and notes of different herbs that you can’t help noticing.

Sandeman Madeira Rainwater

  • Grapes: It’s made with grapes from the Madeira region of Portugal.
  • Characteristics: This one has a clean and crisp feel on the tongue with added notes of walnut and almond to finish it off.

cupcake wine

FAQ’s About the Cupcake Wine

Is Cupcake Prosecco a good wine?

Cupcake Prosecco has the perfect combination of dry and sweet at the same time and is very bubbly with an aroma of white peach, grapefruit, and honeydew and it’s perfect for making mimosas and combining it with delicious desserts.

Is Prosecco less fattening than wine?

Definitely yes. There are 80 calories in one glass of prosecco, whereas 220 calories in regular wine, which makes prosecco a diet-friendly drink when it comes to drinking it in moderate amounts.

What is the difference between Champagne and Prosecco?

Champagne and prosecco are two white wines that are sparkly, but they are made of different types of grapes, and their origin is different. Champagne is a French wine that is made with chardonnay, pinot noir, and Pinot Meunier grapes, whereas Processo is an Italian wine that is made with Glera grapes.

What is the sweetest Cupcake wine to drink?

The sweetest cupcake wine that you can drink is Moscato, and this wine is made of 5.5% alcohol and there are 16 grams of sugar per 5-ounce serving.


Whether you are looking for a deep and rich red or want a dessert wine that literally tastes like a favorite dessert, then Cupcake Wine is the way to go. It also helps that the brand is so easily accessible and affordable. It’s a brand that continues to develop different options for wine lovers, like its canned wine and the sweet signature flavors. Overall, Cupcake Wine offers an array of options from different wine flavors and styles and it’s a good value as a whole.

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