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Revel Wine Club Review: Why I Can Now Strongly Recommend This Wine Subscription Service

Revel Wine Club Review: Why I Can Now Strongly Recommend This Wine Subscription Service

It’s been a little while since I decided to give Revel Wine Club a try and since my last review of The Revel wine club, where I discussed how I believe that you should avoid the subscription wine box at all costs, a lot has changed for this company.

In the first Revel Wine subscription box that I received, I paid nearly $150 to receive 12 different wines. Instead, I paid $150 to receive six different wines, two bottles of each. I thought that the subscription was a bit misleading and when I tried to reach out to customer service, I had some difficulties, but I’m happy to report after giving this wine subscription box another try, everything has changed and I’m loving Revel Wine Club now!

With all of that said, I decided to take the risk and try The Revel Wine subscription box out again.

Let’s break this subscription box down:

What Is the Revel Wine Subscription?

The Revel Wine club Offers bottles of wine that have been sourced all around the world. You’ll have a choice between organic and sulfate-free wines.

You’ll also be able to choose how many bottles of wine you’d like to receive in each shipment. For four bottles of wine, your wine box will run you $52. For six bottles of wine, your wine box will run you $75. For 12 bottles of wine, it’ll run you $144.

Revel Wine breaks the subscription down for personalization even further. You can choose between a combination of red wines, white wines, or an even mixture of both.

Lastly, you can choose to receive a subscription every month, every two months, or every three months. In addition to that, the money that you’re paying towards your subscription, Revel wine subscription that club members will also receive 15% off of any wine and merchandise costs. Plus, you also have access to the tasting rooms that Revel Wine has in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles!

Why I'm Loving Revel Wine Club

Looking to try some new wines? I gave Revel Wine Club subscription a try & discovered some new faves to love (you can't get them anywhere else!)

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What I received in my box [October 2020]

When my Revel Wine subscription box showed up at my door, this is the box that I was greeted with. Considering how rough UPS and Fedex have been on my other packages, this wine showed up in great condition!

When I opened up my Revel Wine box, here’s what the inside looked like:

I absolutely loved the little card that I received in my box. While it wasn’t written on, the appearance of a hand-written note was super cute.

I was sad to see that Revel Wine didn’t include any note, card, or brochure in the box that broke down branding, fun facts, or even just a little bit of information about the wines that were included in the box. This also made it difficult to break down pricing, so as a consumer, I wasn’t 100% sure what type of savings this box was offering me off of the bath. This, of course, was before I did my own research.

Spoiler alert: my favorite wine in this box was the Bread and Butter chardonnay. However, I’m unsure of where to find more of that wine, as there wasn’t any card for me to gather information from.

All of the wine bottles came securely packaged in this brown cardboard. There were layers of these bottles, until I reached the bottom of the box.

The wines I received:

2016 Flo Moscato


With a retail of $10.99, the FLO Moscato wine was grown and produced in California. FLO (For the Love Of for short) were wines developed by the famous jazz pianist, Marcus Johnson.

FLO describes this white wine as a wine that had an extended fermentation, with a reduction in residual sugar. Focused on promoting the bright fruit notes, as well as the aromatics, in this wine, I found that this 2016 Flo Moscato has balanced, yet still vibrant.

FLO describes the tasting notes of this wine as melon, honeysuckles, and aromatic orange blossom, with flavors of rose petals, and apricots.

2017 Chronic Cellars Purple Paradise

chronic cellars

The packaging on this bottle of wine has to be the coolest thing I’ve yet to see on a bottle of wine. I found that this blend of wine greeted my tongue with notes of ripe strawberries, dark cherries, and chocolate.

I found that Chronic Cellars described their Purple Paradise as a blend of 78% Zinfandel, 7% Syrah, 9% Petite Sirah, and 6% Grenache.

2018 Tangent Albarino

tangent 1

When I opened this bottle of wine up, I noticed that it had notes of lemon, as well as lime. However, when I took my first sip out of this bottle, I found that it had a rounded peach, as well as lemon, flavor. I enjoyed the crisp-ness of this vibrant wine, and this blend would definitely be one that I would offer to a friend that was looking to experiment with a wine that had a unique flavor profile.

2018 Baileyana Firepeak Pinot Noir

baileyana 1

Open up this bottle of wine and you’ll be greeted with an aroma of tobacco, retro, cinnamon, and blackberry. upon your first sip of this beautifully a balance Pinot Noir, and you’ll find that your tongue is greeted with root beer, blueberry, and dark fruits. I really enjoyed the structure of this wine, but the soft finish of this wine was what made me fall in love with this wine!

2018 Silver Spur Limited Production Sauvignon Blanc

silver spur

While I understand that this review is about the tastes and flavors of wines, the label on this bottle of wine was beautiful enough for me to set this up as a decorative piece on my counter.

Via 2018 Silver Spur Limited Production Sauvignon Blanc had a crisp and vibrant flavor to it. The appellation of this wine located in Napa Valley and was finished with cool Harvest, which strongly supports the aromatics for this wine.

This wine has a grassy and floral character to it, with flavors of apricots, guava, lemon zest, green apple, lemon peel, and honeysuckle.

2016 Pacific Flyway Pinot Gris

pacific flyway

The only website that I was able to find information on this wine was Revel Wine Club. Revel Wine has their non-club members paying $16 per bottle, while their club members are paying $13 a bottle.

When I opened up this bottle of wine, I discovered floral and citrus notes. I did discover on the Revel Wine Club website that Revel Wine had a section called ‘wine details’ for this wine.

In this section, there was information on pairing, styling, and what type of grapes were used in the making of this wine. This is the information that I would love to see on an information card- especially pairing information!

2015 Jelly Jar Red Wine

jelly jar

If you’re looking for a dominant red blend, you should check out this bottle of wine. I found that the blend of this wine was very fruit-focused, with flavors of cherry and blackberries! The tannins in this wine were very smooth, leaving my tongue with a balanced finish after I finished my glass of wine.

2019 Bread and Butter Chardonnay

bread and butter

This was my favorite bottle of wine in the entire box. I’ve never tasted a wine that had butter, oak, banana, vanilla, and baked apple notes. This wine was an absolute game-changer for me.

While I wouldn’t say that this wine was excessively sweet, for me, this was dessert in a bottle. 10/10 obsessed!

2013 Collector’s Edition H&G Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

Collector’s Edition H&G Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2013 Collector’s Edition H&G Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon is an exclusive series of wines that were produced from some of the finest regions in the world for winegrowing. This bottle of wine was produced in the Russian River Valley, and is cherished in the wine community because of the warm climate and volcanic soils.

I found the flavor profile for this wine was focused on dark fruits, leaving me with a bold red wine in my glass!

2017 Whiplash Pinot Noir


Full of fruit flavors, the 2017 Whiplash Pinot Noir had a smooth finish while still leaving me with a full body. I enjoyed that this wine didn’t have too strong of an oak flavor, but rather, focused on the black cherry, plum, and red fruity flavors. I also noticed a touch of vanilla and cinnamon, which lead to a full finish.

2016 Reata Chardonnay


If you’re looking for a full-figured, juicy white wine! This wine was aged in a barrel made with french oak, leaving this wine with butterscotch and hazelnut accents. I loved the bright acidity of this wine, which made the entire flavor profile complex (and satisfying).

Why I'm Loving Revel Wine Club

Looking to try some new wines? I gave Revel Wine Club subscription a try & discovered some new faves to love (you can't get them anywhere else!)

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What I received in My First Shipment

2015 Light Horse Chardonnay- Market Value of $13

Upon further research, I found that the Light Horse Chardonnay stories caused by turning a portion of its profits to those at risk of developing autism. This white wine unfolded layers of hair, how you feel, and tropical fruits. I found that this Light Horse Chardonnay had a rich mouth field, followed with a satisfying finish.  

2014 Shadowland Riseling- Market Value of $12

I found that the 2014 Shadowland Riseling was perfectly balanced, fruity white wine. There were stonefruit flavors that were balanced with a hint of sweetness, along with acidity. The finish of this 2014 Shadowland Riseling was very delicate!

2016 Greater Than One 2 Varietal Rose- Market Value of $14

This Rose was absolutely beautiful! I loved the textured body of pear and lychee. The 2016 Greater Than One 2 Varietal Rose had a refreshingly crisp and bright taste to it.

2016 Flo Chardonnay- Market Value of $20

This Chardonnay offered notes of toasty oak, apple, citrus, and pear. I appreciated the bright fruit flavor that I was first introduced to, but finished off with a subtle oak taste. A very rich Chardonnay!

2016 Goats Trail Pinot Grigio- Market Value of $16

The Goats Trail Pinot Grigio had notes of tropical fruit and pear. I thought that this would be a beautiful wine to enjoy in the summer! A beautiful fruity white wine.

2016 Reata Chardonnay- Market Value of $18

After researching this wine a little more, I found that some of this wine was barrel fermented and aged in French oak. By aging this wine in French oak, the 2016 Reata Chardonnay had gentle notes of butterscotch and hazelnut. There’s also a bright acidity taste, which added balance and complexity to this Chardonnay!  

Revel Wine Club FAQs

What is the Revel wine club membership and how can I join?

Revel wine club membership allows people to sign up as a member. After signing up as a member, you’ll be able to enjoy savings, member benefits at the wineries, and regular wine deliveries from the Revel wine club.
All you have to do to join the Revel wine club membership is to fill out a form to let Rebel wine know the type of wine you’re interested in receiving, how much one you’re interested in receiving, and how often you’re interested in having it delivered to your home.
One of the cool benefits of the Revel wine club membership is that you can receive a 50% discount on Most Wanted merchandise from the wineries that are located in California that support the rebel wine club. Plus, you’ll also be able to receive complimentary tastings for two people at both of these California properties.

Are any of the Revel wine club wines organic or sustainable?

There are ten wines that Revel wine clubs include in their subscription that is organic. Also, there Baileyana winery is SIP certified (Sustainability In Practice)

How much wine do club members receive and how often does it arrive?

Revel wine club allows subscribers to choose how many bottles of wine are received and how often they’re interested in having it delivered. Members have the option to select between three, four, six, or 12 bottles of wine to be delivered. You can also choose to have your subscription delivered every month, every two months, or every three months.
This wine subscription box also allows you to choose whether you want white wine, red wine, or a mix of both. You can change your wine preferences at any time.  just make sure that if you’re interested in changing your subscription, you change at least two days before your scheduled Club shipment.

Do I have to be a member to order wines?

No, you don’t have to be a member to order wines. Only people over the age of 21 can purchase wine. However, if you do sign up for a membership, you’ll receive discounts and automatic wine delivery.

Can I choose the wine I receive in my club shipments?

Revel wine club will choose the individual ones that are included with your automatic shipments, based on the preferences that you filled out. Revel wine club doesn’t offer options to allow you to choose specific wines in your box this time.

How much does it cost to join the Revel wine club?

There isn’t currently a fee to sign up for Rebel one Club. The only charge that you have to worry about is that recurring charge for your shipment.

Can I choose to skip a shipment?

Yes, Revel wine club allows you to skip shipments without any explanation. You can also change your scheduled delivery day.

How do I cancel my Revel wine club shipment?

You can cancel anytime by calling the Rebel wine club at 1-855-738-3592.

Revel Wine Alternatives

FirstLeaf Wine Club

firstleaf wine club

FirstLeaf is an affordable wine club. You’ll receive six bottles in each shipment. A box from Firstleaf Wine Club is $79.95 for six bottles of wine. You can choose between white, red, and a mixture of both. You can choose to have shipments sent out to you monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

You can read our review of the Firstleaf Wine club here

SomMailier Wine Subscription Club

The SomMelier wine subscription-only focuses on exclusive wines from France. The wines that you receive in this subscription box aren’t available in the United States. Most of the wines that are sent out in this box are made in small, handmade batches.

I spent $89.99 and received three wines in my first shipment from SomMailier. Click here to read about my first impressions of this wine subscription box!

Why I'm Loving Revel Wine Club

Looking to try some new wines? I gave Revel Wine Club subscription a try & discovered some new faves to love (you can't get them anywhere else!)

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Is Revel Wine worth the money?

The first time that I reviewed this subscription box, it was absolutely not worth the money. After reviewing this subscription box a second time, I feel much more confident in the capabilities in Revel Wine delivering a high-quality subscription box.

I loved the variety of wines that I received in my subscription box. I received some wines that I personally found to be very exciting to experiment with. The only thing that I wish that Revel Wine would add to their subscription box, to keep up with their competition, is an information card that broke down important information about each wine.

In the grand scheme of things, that’s a small complaint. Especially when I was so disappointed in my first impression of the Revel Wine subscription box!

Should you sign up for Revel Wine?

Absolutely! I think that the Revel Wine subscription box is great for households that are looking to experiment with wines that they won’t be able to find at the corner liquor store. While these wines certainly weren’t cheap in taste, the cost of this subscription makes affording these unique wines a lot easier!

I would highly recommend Revel Wine for people who are looking to try a variety of different wines. Are you looking for someone to pick wines that may be out of your comfort zone? Try Revel Wine!

I also would recommend Revel Wine to people who are looking to save on Christmas or birthday gifts. Going out to purchase a bottle of wine every event can get tiresome, but Revel Wine makes it easy to store a bunch of bottles of wine for gifting purposes!

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