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Cellars Wine Club Review : Worth the Money?

Cellars Wine Club Review : Worth the Money?

Cellars wine club caught my attention because of their large selection of wine clubs to choose from. While on my hunt to find the perfect wine subscription box, I stumbled across Cellars wine club.

Cellars wine club has options that allow you to choose between a special club that only offers a single bottle of wine per month all the way up to options that allow you to choose twelve bottles of wine per shipment.

Unless you are only interested in choosing a red wine the only subscription, the other wine club options that Cellars wine club will allow you to choose from are between Allred, all white, or a mixture of the two. They also have unique clubs like the West Coast Club, Sweet Club, 90+ Point Club, Natural Club, Sparkling club, and even an International Club.

In this Cellars Wine Club review, we’re going to take a dive into the Cellars wine club subscription to see if this wine subscription is worth your money. Don’t forget to check out some of our other wine subscription reviews if you’re interested in finding the perfect wine subscription for your unique needs.

Who Is Cellars Wine Club?

Cellars Wine Club is a subscription that offers 13 different membership levels to cater to a wine lover of any level and budget.

All of the wines that Cellar Wine clubs offer and no subscription boxes are carefully researched better and house wine experts. They want their selected are chosen based on their quality, value, and the overall uniqueness that they offer.

Cellars wine club allows you to choose whether you prefer red wine, white wine, or combination of both in your shipments. They’ll also get to decide how many shipments you want to receive, whether you want to pay in instalments or prepay, whether you want to receive deliveries on a quarterly, bimonthly, or monthly basis.

Cellars wine club also offers an option for you to reorder more bottles of your wine of choice if you enjoyed a wine that you received in your subscription.

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What I got in my Cellars Wine Club Sweet and Light Wine Club

The two wines that I received were:

  • 2017 Riesling, Columbia Valley – Monde Eau Wines from Kennewick, Washington
  • 2017 Imperium Riesling, Columbia Valley- Elevation Cellars from Woodinville, Washington

2017 Riesling

Monde Eau Wines has established to support humanitarian efforts that supply safe drinking water across the developing world. With this intent, Monde Eau will donate a portion of profits from the sale of its 1/2 a water Focus charity. The New York city-based Charity Water is a nonprofit organization devoted to bringing clean drinking water to those in greatest needs. It works not just to save lives, but also to enhance them.

The 2017 Riesling wine that I received in my Sweet and Light Wine Club is comprised of one hundred per cent organic wrestling grapes, sourced from Badger Mountain Estate Vineyard and Arete Vineyard.

 With a great aromaz of green melon, Stone fruits, and lemongrass on the nose, this wine is very pleasant and aromatic. Driven by bright a city that is balanced by flavours of Africa, green melon, and nectarine highlights on the palate, these flavours lead into a nice touch of minerality that provides a semi-dry finish.

2017 Imperium Riesling

The name of the company that produces this wine, Elevation Cellars, Originates with the French winemaking term Elevage, which represents the integration of the journey from the group to the glass. Elevation Cellars opened in February of 2008 and is committed to making the best Vines possible, using the finest equipment, painstaking attention to detail, exceptional grapes, and many years of combined experience.

The 2017 Imperium is made from 100% Riesling Source from the Lawrence Vineyard.  Medium gold coloured wine, this one offers the right pair and floral aromatics lend to Gentle attack followed by a honey-glazed creaminess and its core. This is accentuated by bright crisp acidity.

Balanced and elegant, I found that this wine shows nuances a fresh and ripe apricot while later hands of lemon and grapefruit Linger on the Finish. Cellars wine club recommended that I serve this wine with oysters Florentine, salads, pan-fried shell crabs, cold soups, sauteed chicken breasts, or boiled shrimp.

Overall, I thought the quality of both with the wines that are received in my box was very good. Honestly, I thought they were better than some of the other wine subscription boxes that I’ve tried on the market.

Cellar Wine Club FAQ

Are you interested in learning a little more about Cellar Wine club? Describe an FAQ for you down below: 

What does each Cellars wine club shipping include?

Each shipment of your Cellar Wine club will include a standard size 750ml wine bottle. The number of bottles that you receive inside of your shipment will depend on the subscription that you select. They’ll also receive a monthly newsletter, Cellar notes, and other Wineries live information. You won’t receive any pricing or billing information, which makes the Cellar Wine club subscriptions ideal for people who are interested and gift-giving.

How much do the Cellar Wine club subscriptions cost?

The cheapest Summer Wine club subscription starts off at $29 and the most expensive option that they offer is $369.

Is there a minimum number of months that you have to subscribe to?

No. You don’t have to worry about any monthly minimums with Cellars wine club.

Do you get to select the wines in your Cellars wine club box?

No. The ones that are selected in each one Club box are selected by Cellar Wine clubs in house tasters.

What do you do if your order arrives damaged?

Cellar Wine Club packs are bottles in special protective packaging. This means that damage that occurs during shipping is rare. However, if an accident does happen, sorry wine club offers a 100% no bad bottle guarantee. This means if your wine has gone bad during shipping or if the bottle is damaged, contact the seller wine club, and they’ll replace it for free.

Does the shipment require an adult signature?

Yes, an adult signature is required for you to receive your order. 

When is my order shipped?

Wine club shipping Square between the 20th and 25th of the month to arrive at the very end of the month. Cellar one Club recommends that if you know you’ll be out of town, contact them by the 7th of the month and they can delay your shipment. They also offer an option to pause the membership until you return. Tracking numbers are sent out automatically to the email address you provide them when you sign up.

Any changes that you desire to make 2-year subscription such as a change of address, payment method changes, delays, or cancellations need to be made by the 7th of the month. Changes can be made by emailing Cellar Wine Club at [email protected]

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Pros and Cons of Cellars Wine Club

Want a quick overview of the pros and cons of Cellars Wine Club? Here’s what we’ve come up with:


  • No Frill membership
  • Outstanding selection of international and domestic wines
  •  A great option for wine novices


  • Their wine selection process is less vigorous than other leading competition
  • They don’t publicly archive all of their wine selections that they’ve previously made
  • Don’t offer subscribers a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Cellars Wine Club Alternatives: Top Cellars Wine Club Competitors

Let’s not pretend that Cellars is the only monthly wine club in the month club industry. There’s literally dozens of other quality wine subscriptions, clubs, and wine club delivery options. We would know, we’ve tested many of them

So what are some of the best alternatives to Cellars Wine Club?

California Wine Club

California Wine Club offers 5 specific lines of wine bottles, with unique wine regions like a “Pacific Northwest” bottle club. While they don’t feature fancy quizes, they DO feature so truly hidden gems for premium wine from labels you wouldn’t otherwise find (artisan wines). 

Gold Medal Wine Club

Perhaps one of the largest wine clubs, Gold Medal Wine Club has in many ways pioneered wine club shipmant direct-to-consumer as a model. They currently offer 6 different clubs: Diamond Club, Pinot Noir Club (As it sounds, just for those who love the taste of Pinot Noir red wine), Garagiste Club (under the radar winery finds), International Wine Club (similar to Global Wine Cellars), Platinum Club, and Gold Club (highly rated California wine). 

Bright Cellar Wine Club

Like Firstleaf below, Bright Cellars features an innovative quiz matchmaking system to discover what the most palate friendly wines (and tasting notes) will be for you. A highly customized month club, this is a great option for an aspiring wine enthusiast to actually LEARN to be a more discerning wine drinker (dare I say, a true wine expert sommelier?). 

Firstleaf Wine Club

Firstleaf is a great wine club that features a unique QUIZ based system to closely ascertain wine preference before compiling a unique case club pack (6 or 12 pack) of new wines from less common winemaker brands, but also highly awarded boutique wineries. 

Cellars Wine Club Review Overall: Is Cellars Wine Club worth it?

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The Cellars Wine Club offers 12 different colour options, which is unlike a lot of other wine subscription boxes on the market. The different subscription options allow subscribers to find exactly what they want in a wine club. Plus, the subscription prices of the offer are readily affordable, allowing subscribers to choose from a variety of different plans or mix-and-match to experiment with different flavours.

I also really liked that his wine club didn’t offer any hidden fees. There aren’t any membership fees, no cancellation fees, no shipping fees. Plus, Cellar Wine club claims that they never send any duplicates. Cellars wine club ships using ground service, offering free shipping on all of their boxes. They also offer an expedited shipping option, which members will pay for an additional cost.

I found the use of the website was easy to read, understand, and navigate. Everything that was contained inside of the box that I ordered was laid out in a way that was plain and simple to understand. 

Bottom Line: Overall, I would highly recommend the Cellars wine club if your wine novice who’s interested in experimenting with different types of wine at an affordable price. Or if you’re looking for an affordable wine subscription to give to someone, I would also highly recommend checking out Cellars wine club.

What do you think of the Cellars Wine Club? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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