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SomMailier Wine Subscription Review- Best Wine Subscription Box Ever?

SomMailier Wine Subscription Review- Best Wine Subscription Box Ever?

Over the last couple of months, I’ve tried a large selection of wine clubs. Most interested in exploring different styles of wines from a large variety of French wine regions. That’s why I’ve invested so much time and energy into trying different wine club.

With so many different wine clubs to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the selections and invest in one that you truly feel is worth the money. That’s why I’ve created this Sommailier wine subscription review for you!

The Sommalier Wine subscription Club is a wine subscription box that focuses exclusively on French wines. This means that all of the wines that you can get in your Sommailier subscription aren’t available in the United States. Plus, the majority of the ones that are sent out in your Sommailier wine box and art made from small production batches.

What made the Sommailier wine subscription Club stand out from the other one boxes that I’ve recently been trying is the authenticity of the quality of wines from producers that were previously unavailable. Plus, I will find out later on in the review, I found that the ones that I was sent in my first shipment in my Sommailier fox where are reasonably priced, as well as outstanding in quality.

 I also really enjoyed that the packaging that was sent to me within cardboard instead of Styrofoam. Plus, I received a lot of information about the ones that I received, it’s both caring suggestions. Overall, I feel that the Sommailier thoughts that I received was very well planned and thoughtful.

Are you interested in learning what I received in my first Sommailier box?  I’ve created a complete Sommailier review for you today to answer any and all questions that you may have about this wine subscription box. Keep reading to learn more!

Signing up for Sommailier

There are two different plants that you can choose from with Sommailier. You can select red wines, white wines, or a mixture of both. You can choose to have three or  6 bottles delivered to your door every 3 months.

The C’est La Vie  subscription is three bottles per shipment.  At $89.99 per quarterly shipment, this was the subscription that I just had to try out. However, Sommailier also offers the Rendez-Vous Subscription, which is $6 per shipment, price at $174.99 per shipment.

Currently, Sommailier ships their wine subscription boxes to the following states:

  • Alabama
  •  Alaska
  •  Arizona
  •  Arkansas
  •  California
  •  Colorado
  •  Connecticut
  •  Washington DC
  •  Florida
  •  Georgia
  •  Hawaii
  •  Idaho
  •  Illinois
  •  Indiana
  •  Iowa
  •  Kansas
  •  Louisiana
  •  Maine
  •  Maryland
  •  Massachusetts
  •  Michigan
  •  Minnesota
  •  Missouri
  •  Montana
  •  Nebraska
  •  Nevada
  •  New Hampshire
  •  New Jersey
  •  New Mexico
  •  New York
  •  North Carolina
  •  North Dakota
  •  Ohio
  •  Oregon
  •  Pennsylvania
  •  South Carolina
  •  Tennessee
  •  Texas
  •  Vermont
  •  Virginia
  •  Washington
  •  West Virginia
  •  Wisconsin
  •  Wyoming

Are you ready to see what I received in my first Sommailier shipment? Keep reading below to learn more!

What I received in my Sommailier shipment

The three wines that I received in my Sommailier shipment were:

  • Château du Couvent- Pomerol
  • La Fleur des Pins- Graves
  • Domaine Montageron Fleurie

Château du Couvent – Pomerol

This wine has a 70% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc, 10% Malbec combination of grape varieties.

Beginning in 1764 The Chateau Du couvant is in the same family for Generations. The Chateau as its de was built in 1880 and the present owners are the Garde and Lasserre families.

This is the second wine of the prestigious Clos Rene, which is well known for its elegance and finesse. Due to the predominance of merlot and the assemblage, as well as the terrier, which is mostly gravel and sand that contains iron deposits, so we drink immediately. However, they can also be aged 20 years for the best vintages.

This wine has been made according to local tradition which includes handpicking, de-stemming, fermentation and cement that’s with temperature control, and aging in Oak barrels for 18 months. This one is a dark purple color typical of Pomerol.

 My Sommailier card said that the favorite pairing that goes with the swine is a roasted chicken with duck. This is because the roast a chicken offers both tasty and spicy flavors, which means that this wine goes well with Asian dishes. He also noted that all recipes including mushrooms will help to enhance the flavor of this wine as well.

The notes that Sommailier  watch on the back of the card know that the aroma of this wine  contains very intense notes of black cherries, along with spices, and a hint of truffle. As for the flavor, it has a tannic structure with the complex taste of spicy red berries, combined with notes of violet, vanilla, and leather.

La Fleur des Pins – Graves

The La Fleur des Pins- Graves wine sent to me by Sommailier contains a 50% Semilion, 25% Sauvignon Blanc, and 25% Sauvignon Gris grape variety.

Patrick and Herve Lamothe are 5th generation winemakers in the region of Bordeaux. your Flagship wine is a Sautenes named Chateau Haut Bergeron,  which is located next to the revered Chatea d’Yquem.

In 1987, they acquired La Fleur des pins,  a long-established property and the Graves region of Bordeaux, producing an exceptional dry white wine.

The Vineyard is located south of the appellation in  Pujils sur Ciron and enclosing walls made of stones extracted directly from the area. The soil is made of clay and Limestone with rocks of low depth.

The harvest of grapes Is 100% hand-picked with a strict selection depending on the Vintage. The average age of all of the fines is 50 years old and the size of the Graves Property it’s nine acres. Production of Chateau La Fleur des Pins is around 9,000 bottles.

As far as the pairings that Sommailier recommended with this one, they recommended poultry dishes with citrus or with cream sauces. They also recommended salads with a bold vinaigrette, heavily-armed vegetable dishes, such as peas, asparagus, or artichokes. Wishers and soul or also additional wonderful compliments for this wine.

 I thoroughly enjoyed that Sommailier recommended if a few kinds of cheese to go with this wine, such as tiny goat cheese, gruyere, or creamy mozzarella to perfect pair with this wine.

The aroma of this mine consists of a mixture of Plum, honey, pineapple, and apricot. As far as the flavour, I noticed a dry and fresh flavor with notes of raisin tannins and burnt sugar.

Domaine Montangeron Fleurie

The last one that I received in my Sommailier wine subscription was the Domaine Montangeron Fleurie, which consists of 100% Gamay grapes.

Muriel and Frederic Montangeron Have worked in the family station of winemaking since 1996. Domaine Montangeron was created following a purchase of property across a few appellations, one of which included Fleurie.

Frederic Montangeron follows the ancestral method of semi-carbonic macertation. This method uses a whole bunches of grapes in an oxygen-free, carbon dioxide feels that for a period of 10 to 12 days. As an end result, this creates a ferment of metabolic process.

Domaine Montangerone is frequently nominated in anyone guns and has received several medals from local, national, and international competitions.

As far as the parents that Sommailier recommended for this wine, Sommailier noted that the Feurie’s Gamay grapes are lightly bodied, noting reminiscences of a Pinot Noir. With the lovely floral aromas of the swine, it pairs well with a large variety of foods.

Sommailier recommended this wine with pates, terrines, rillettes, and other French charcuterie pairings. They also recommended creamy cheeses, such as Brie and Camembert for this wine.

I found that a simple seared tuna, light salad, lightly seared salmon, and other poultry in a cream sauce paired incredibly well with this wine.

As far as the aroma, I found that this wine had vine peaches, Iris, red fruit, and rose notes to it. The flavour of this wine had a very fruit-forward note, accompanied by bright and floral flavours.

Sommailier FAQS

How does the Sommailier wine club work?

Each quarter, Sommailier Futures different French wineries in hand-selects six different ways. Is a combination of three red wines and three white wines that are chosen. The wines that are selected our shipped out to Sommailier members.
In each box, you’ll receive end up information about the wineries that the wines are selected from, as well as information about the winemaking process, and recipes that are recommended to be paired with the ones that are chosen.

When will your Sommailier order arrive?

The first Sommailier shipping that you order will arrive within 7 to 10 days of your order. However, shipments after your first initial order will arrive every three months. Local carriers will try after three times before sending a wine shipment back to us if there is someone who is 21 years or older available to accept the shipment. That’s all is required to leave a signature in order to receive the shipment.
Please note, that some of the Sommailier shipments may be delayed due to cold temperatures or extreme heat. However, their customer service will reach out to you to let you know if this is a problem.

Does someone have to be present to receive the Sommailier shipment?

Yes, someone who is at least  21 years old but has valid ID is required to sign to receive a Sommailier shipment.

Can you only order white or red wine?

Sommailier Customer service is amazing. If you want to only receive white wine, red wine, or a combination of both, reach out to them and let them know.

What happens if you don’t like wine?

Sommailier doesn’t offer refunds or replacements if you don’t like the wine due to personal taste or opinion. However, if the wine has turned during shipment, they’ll offer a Refund of the price of the bottle or replacement in the next shipment that you receive.

Can you reorder wine from a past feature?

Sommailier does off the option for wine club reorders for discount another normal retail price while supplies last.

Pros and Cons of Sommailier


  •  Perfectly priced
  •  Unique wines
  • Work with small businesses, which encourages sustainability for small Vineyards and wineries


  • This is such a small complaint, but the price of each wine on the card would be amazing. That way, subscribers I have a better understanding of the value of what they’re receiving in their wine subscription.

Is the Sommailier wine subscription worth the money?

Absolutely! There’s only one small complaint that I have about this my subscription, which is that the retail prices of each box aren’t included on the fact sheet for each bottle of wine. By including this, I feel that wind subscribers would have a better understanding of the total value that they’re receiving out of their subscription, as well as how much money they’re saving.

Out-of-the-money wine subscription boxes that I’ve tried, the customer service, quality of the wines, information cards, the overall experience I’ve had with this wine subscription company has been absolutely outstanding.

If you’re looking to try unique wines that are only available in France or you’re looking to give a gift for the wine connoisseur in your life, I would highly recommend one of the Sommailier wine subscription boxes.

What do you think of this one subscription box? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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