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Vinley Market Review – Another Overpriced Subscription?

Vinley Market Review – Another Overpriced Subscription?

If you’re looking to change up your Friday night wine indulgence to try something new, you and I are in the same boat.

That’s why I decided to try the Vinley Market Wine Club.

With the Vinley Market Wine Club, you’ll get access to a large variety of wines that are me and small batches from small vineyards.

The winds are featured in Vinley Market are organic and came from small batches.

What I thought was cool about Vinley Market is that they offer two different wine subscriptions. You can choose between the Bubbles and Rose wine club or the Adventures Wine box.

Bubbles and Rose Wine Club

This wine club starts off at $59 per shipment. You’ll get access to bubbly rosé wines that come from small wineries.

If you’re only interested in trying sparkly white, Vinley Market is one of the only wine subscription companies that offers a bottle of rosé in every box.

Adventures box

The Adventures box starts off of $59 per shipment. Inside of this box, you’ll receive a high-quality wine delivery for reduced every month.

What you should expect from Vinley Market

I love the feminine touch that Vinely Market had on their box. As I was reading reviews about finally market, I read that the owner of this wine club was looking to change millennial women felt about getting curated why delivered to the doorstep.

Unboxing my first Vinley Market box

I decided to go with the Adventurous Wine box from Vinley Market.

My box with about $59 and took only a few days to ship.

In the box that arrived at my doorstep, I really appreciated styrofoam packaging in the box.

I received three bottles of wine, as expected, in my Vinley Market box.

My bottles are protected by a styrofoam container. All of the bottles were very well protected, and nothing was broken in my shipment.

First impressions of my Vinley Market box

I was very impressed by how simplistic the packaging was for my box. All three wines that I received where red. Considering that I received three wines, I was hoping that I would receive at least one white wine or a rosé.

I don’t know if the white wines and the rosé are only saved for the bubbly and rose wine club, so I was a bit disappointed to see that I received three red wines in my box.

My wine box didn’t have any card or any information on the wines that I received. All that was inside the box was the styrofoam container and the three bottles of wine.

It was disappointing to see that I didn’t have any information in regards to the pricing of these bottles, where they came from, or any other fun information that would help me to pair of these wines.

Wines I received

Since there wasn’t any card in my one box, learning about the ones that I received was a little difficult. However, I was able to do some research online to get a little bit clearer understanding of the ones that I received.

The first one that I received was a Cuvée Clara Syrah. This is a red wine from Vin de Pays in France. Shiraz grapes are used in the creation of this wine. Reviewers said that this wine pairs well with beef lamb, spicy food, and hard cheese.

The next one I tried was the Esprit de Paive Bordeaux wine. This wine used grapes that came from St. Emilion and Cotes de Castillon.

The last wine that I tried was the Domaine Dubreuil-Fontaine. I wasn’t able to find too much about this wine.

Thoughts on the with the Vinley Market box

Overall, I didn’t feel very impressed with this box. While the wines tasted good, it wasn’t anything about them that blew me away. I’ve bought $10 bottles of wine before and I would definitely compare those cheaper bottles wine the ones that I received in my Vinley market box.

I really wish that I had a card or some prior to information for paring information about these wines. I’d also like to know how the value of these wines made up for what I spent on the box.

Not including shipping, this box of $60. I don’t feel like I got a $60 value out of This box. Just based on my taste but the loan, there wasn’t anything about the ones that made me feel like it was worth $60.

Other alternatives to try

If you’ve decided that in the market to sit in the best option for you, but you’re still looking for other alternatives to try, I’ve created a list of other alternatives you can consider.

Hello Fresh Wine

For $89 a month, you can get six bottles of wine delivered with your doorstep. Hello Fresh also offers a food subscription service that you can pair with your wine subscription!  You can get your wine and a selection of white or red wine, or a combination of both.

Eight bottles are sent out in a box. You’ll receive a card with information on how to pair your wines with meals, as well as tasting notes.

Wine of the month club

You can get a bottle of wine delivered to your door for as cheap as $39 a month. You can choose a two-panel shipment, six expel shipment or twelve-panel shipment that has specially chosen ones, rose, and even Bordeaux.

Each shipment that you receive will have information such as recipes, wine history, and other information!

First Leaf

For $90 a month, you get six bottles of wine from First Leaf. If you’re looking to try wines that come from a large selection of wineries look at all around the world, you can choose between white, red, and a combination of both.

 If you’re looking for a wine subscription box that’s customized to your personal tastes, consider checking out First Leaf wine cub.

Vinley FAQs

Help you cut down the time you spent researching, we’ve included in the market FAQs and help you put it aside if the subscription is the best option for you.

What’s included in Vinley Market box?

 In each month’s box, you’ll receive a selection of wines that fits within the price range of your box. Vinley Market also stated include a card the outlines the history of each wine, as well as what makes the lights special. I didn’t receive this card in my box, so I can definitely say that’s not included in every box.

When will you receive your wine box?

The Vinley Markey wine club subscription boxes a first day of each month. This gives you a full month to cancel before they begin processing a new box.
Keep in mind that if you purchase a shipment before the 10th of the month, you will get a shipment of wine that month. However, if you sign up after the 10th, you’ll have your box shipped out to you next month.

Is Vinley Market worth it?

Personally, I don’t think so. I think this is another subscription box that overcharged subscribers for wine. I think that you can buy the same quality of wine from your local grocery store without overspending in your budget.
What do you think of Vinley Market? Do you think it was worth it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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