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Naked Wines Review: Should You Try it?

Naked Wines Review: Should You Try it?

The Naked Wines brand is a well-known online wine shop.

This shop allows you to purchase wines online at a discount since you are not dealing with everything that goes into the retail process.

There are even subscription-like options, where you become an investor rather than a subscriber, that allow you to save even more.

The company has been around for ten years and has built its business on a commitment to bring high-end wines to consumers for cheap prices.

The company actually works with 159 winemakers from around the globe to bring the best wines into the homes of their investors and customers.

The Naked Wines Business Model

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One of the things that is completely unique with Naked Wines is their business model. This is because the majority of the cost of a bottle of wine occurs when the wine has left the winery. In fact, most domestic wines cost just over 10% of what the retail price is.

When it comes to imported wines the retail price is often less than 10% of the retail price. The price for wine is driven up dramatically because the distributors make so much money off of each bottle that they sell.

The Chance to be an Angel

The system is completely rewritten with the Naked Wines business model that allows for the winery and winemaker to bring together new wines through a crowdfunding type of model. The way that this works is that customers put $40 into their accounts each month.

This money goes to the winemakers to be able to create wines that are made exclusively for The customers who invest money are called angels. These angels actually get to use all of the money that they invest in wines. If they choose they can even get a full refund. They are going to get wines at a deep discount with this investment because there is no marketing campaign or additional costs associated with it.

It is not always possible to become an angel. In fact, there is a waitlist most of the time. They do this so that they can have a sufficient amount of wine available to the investors. Don’t worry though, even if you are not an angel, you can still order the wines.

Top Reasons You Should Choose a Wine Club

Even though Naked Wines is not your traditional wine club, it is still a wine club. In fact, there are a lot of different features that make this one of the best wine clubs that you will ever find. Now you might be asking yourself why you should do a wine club, this is a common question. There are three main reasons that you will want to consider a wine club.

Three Reasons to Choose a Wine Club

  1. Always have access to your favorite bottle of wine and the opportunity to purchase when the wine is typically sold out.
  2. Without any shopping or hassle, you will have a regular shipment of wine delivered to your house.
  3. Be able to get wine recommendations from people who are experts.

Things to Avoid When Choosing a Wine Club

Of course, we need to mention that not all of the wine clubs were created equally. In fact, there are a few things that you can avoid when choosing a wine club.

  1. Do not choose a club that has a long term commitment. Choose a club that allows you to cancel anytime that you want.
  2. Make sure that your club has published their shipping costs upfront. Some companies hide hidden fees in their shipping and handling. If you do not see and cannot find shipping costs, there is a good chance that you might be overcharged for shipping at some point.
  3. Do not choose a club that partners with other companies. If you are hearing about your wine club from a magazine or newspaper, this is something that you will want to check. If these companies are partnering together, you are likely overpaying for your wine.

Things to Look for When Choosing a Wine Club

Likewise, there are some things that you are going to want to look for when you are choosing a wine club.

  1. Look for a wine club that is in the price range that you can afford. Find one that allows flexibility and one that stands behind their club and will give you a full refund if you are unhappy.
  2. Try to find a club that offers you a flat shipping fee or offers you free shipping. This way you can avoid hidden costs.
  3. Choose a wine club that works with winemakers. If you are not choosing a club that is working directly with the winemaker, you are going to be overpaying for your wines.

By understanding how to find a great wine club, you will be able to appreciate Naked Wines and all that they have to offer you.

Why I Chose Naked Wines

When I chose Naked Wines, it was because I was looking for a great wine experience online. I wanted to be able to shop for wines and save money and I wanted to still receive the same high-quality wines that I was choosing when I went to my local wine cellar or liquor store.

I liked a few things right off of the bat about the business model. I loved that I was able to choose between purchasing bottles as I wanted them and becoming an angel so that I could invest and have an account to purchase wine with. I was able to get unique and delicious wines on my doorstep easily with Naked Wines.

To be honest, Naked Wines was kind of like my dream come true in that I was able to get all of the wines that I wanted at wholesale prices. I was able to save money and could purchase wines with ease. I also loved that winemakers were able to launch new wines and creative options.

This allowed me to try new wines and also offered me wines that I might not have heard of before. Basically, the winemaker gets to propose new wines to Naked Wines. After the wine is approved,

Naked offers an advance to the winemaker to make the bottles of wine. This is where the investment money is going to be used. Right now there are over 100,000 investors or angels that have signed up with Naked Wines.

The Main Features of Naked Wines

Naked Wines offers a unique business model and offers you wines based on your interests and likes. There are a lot of special wines that you can purchase and you can even become an investor in order to gain deep discounts on the entire expansive collection of wines.

  • Simple buying options, choose to order online or choose to become an Angel (investors) to gain access to discounts and monthly buying specials.
  • Naked Wines is very easy to manage wine investment opportunity.
  • You do not get monthly shipments of wine or wines that you have not to handpicked out.
  • Many choices of wines from 159 during winemakers.
  • Easy policies for cancelation.
  • Friendly and respectful customer service representatives.

Pros to Naked Wine

There are a lot of things that we loved about Naked Wine.

  • Naked Wine offers wines that are from around the globe.
  • Great discount if you are invested as an angel.
  • If you have any questions, Naked Wine is a page where many of the winemakers actually answer the questions or respond to the comments, so it is worth your time to let them know how you feel (whether it is good or bad).

Cons to Naked Wine

There are a few things that we were not completely happy with.

  • Popular wines can be purchased quickly, which means it can be hard to get your hands on bottles of the best wines.
  • You have to pay monthly to get the best discounts.
  • If you do not pay monthly, you can only get the deepest discount once (the first time).

Some of Our Favorite Wines from Naked Wines

We got several different bottles of wine that we really enjoyed when we tried Naked Wines. We thought that we would share some of our favorite bottles with you to offer you a look at what you can expect.

Matt Parish Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2016

The first thing that we noticed about this wine is that it normally would cost $40 a bottle. We were able to get the bottle for just $18 as an Angel. The wine is really good and mimics the flavors and quality of wines that cost three times as much. The company will even offer you some tips so that you can develop their palette better.

Scott Kelley Oregon Pinot Noir 2017

You save 50% on the Scott Kelley Oregon Pinot Noir 2017 when you purchase as an Angel for around $15, as the regular price is around $30. Almost all of the Angels who were able to get their hands on this bottle of wine said that they would order it again when it is available. The wine rivals pinot noirs that are in a price range that you would expect instead of tasting like it cost just around $15.

Rabbit and Spaghetti Icon Reserve Shiraz 2016

When you order the Rabbit and Spaghetti Icon Reserve Shiraz 2016 as an Angel you are going to receive this $50 bottle for just $21. It is a nice deep discount that will keep you drinking in style on a budget. This Shiraz comes from Australia which is why the quality seems to be improved if you are used to drinking the U.S. made wines.

These were our personal favorite three wines that we received and we wanted to share them with you.

What Does Naked Wines Cost?

Naked wines offers a great way to save money on great bottles of wine. The prices are very reasonable, but they do vary depending on the bottles of wine that you choose. There are quite a few coupons available online that you can use when you place your first order to save a considerable amount of money. If you choose to be an angel, you will be spending $40 per month.

Best Alternatives to Naked Wines

Of course, there are many different types of wine clubs that are on the market today. We felt that Naked Wines was unique since you are not subscribing and you can withdraw your complete balance of investment at any time.

This made the company appealing to us because if we did not like the wines that we originally received, we were not locked into receiving more and we could get back any money that we had paid into the company. However, for those who are seeking to learn about the alternatives, we thought that we would share some of these with you.

Bright Cellars

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Bright Cellars is a wine club that delivers wine to your door for a $50 per month fee. They offer you the chance to have a better experience with an algorithm that looks to bring you perfect bottles of wine that you are sure to enjoy. Plus, you get to take the Bright Cellars quiz so that you can find your perfect wine match. The wine that comes to you is $20 per bottle. You can cancel at any time. Plus, you can either choose to have white or red wines or a mixture of the two in your delivery.


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With Winc you get to have four bottles of wine that are handcrafted come to your door for the price of $39 each month. You can get $20 off of your first order with a coupon. Winc offers you a great quiz that features six quick questions so that you can discover wines that are specific to your tastes and wants. The wines are delivered to your door and you can easily cancel at any time.

Wine Insiders

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Wine Insiders is a club that offers you the wine that you love and more. When you sign up, you receive an introductory selection of wine that includes 15 hand-curated bottles for $89 with free shipping.

The subscription is not monthly. Instead, every twelve weeks, you will be receiving 12 bottles of wine for $139.95 and $19.95 in shipping and handling. Plus, there is a bonus winter and a bonus summer shipment as well.

Wine Insiders promises you that you will receive high-quality wines for a low price. This club offers you the best selection of wines from regions around the world. You even get a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Wine of the Month Club

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For over 30 years Wine of the Month Club has been offering wine drinkers a different type of wine subscription. There are many different options for which one of the wine clubs is going to be best for you.

We are going to try and share each one with you, it’s price and some basic information. Keep in mind all of the prices are what the average monthly costs. Some months might cost slightly more and some will be slightly less. Each subscription comes with 2, 6, or 12 bottles of wine each month. Please keep in mind that we have included all of the shipping charges with the prices below.

2 Bottles of Wine per Month

  • Classic Series Membership @$37/month
  • Vintners Series Membership @$48/month
  • Limited Series Membership @$58/month
  • Pure Wine Series Membership @$52/month
  • California Wine Series Membership @$43/month
  • Napa Series Membership @$63/month
  • Bordeaux Series Membership @$63/month
  • Rose Series Membership @$53/month
  • Pinot Noir Series Membership @$95/month

6 Bottles of Wine per Month

  • Celler Series Membership @$98/month-$161/month

12 Bottles of Wine per Month

  • Case Club Membership @$152/month
  • Mystery Case Club starting @$99 + tax/month-$119 + tax/month

The California Wine Club